Today, food safety regulations must be respected. It is therefore essential to ensure we offer the customers a high-quality draught beer. Beverages from a tap require special extra care and attention.

The beverage equipment must be maintained regularly and professionally. Most of the time, this job is entrusted to specialist companies. Our product is intended for these companies.


We are convinced that our product meets the needs of breweries, commercial representatives, beer wholesalers and specialist companies.

Several cleaning methods exist for the maintenance of a liquid dispensing system; some are more efficient than others. With the passing of years, those methods evolved but only one stands out as being most breweries’ favorite method, which is physicochemical maintenance.

Two techniques are mainly used:

  • By using a can (stainless steel or plastic) with (or without) a sponge.
  • By using a cleaning system, several models of which exist, some being more efficient than others.

By using our cleaning system, you get the advantage of a higher efficiency technique thanks to a continuous and two-ways circulation of the sponge and cleaning product.

Thanks to this and following a standard procedure, each part of the dispensing system is scrubbed by the sponge more than 30 times. That would not be possible by using a can.

In addition to this mechanical wash, when using our EASY BEER CLEANER cleaning system, you are guaranteed there will be no disinfecting product saturation since the product continuously circulates through the pipes.

As a result of this, all organic and mineral deposits are eliminated and there is no remaining infection spot, which guarantees you clean, disinfected pipes for a high-quality beer.

Why choose our EASY BEER CLEANER?

A short video is worth more a thousand words…

  • Made in Belgium

  • Tailor-made service

  • Fast delivery

  • Secure payment

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