In parallel with our beer cleaning systems, we also offer a variety of BAG IN BOX® liquid dispensing options.

For units ranging from 3 to 90 litres, with or without cooling system, our products represent a particularly attractive option for dispensing wines and other drinks packaged in BAG IN BOX®.

To meet market’s demand, in response to the consumers and professionals’ needs, winemakers and industrial actors understood the benefits of this packaging, which is the only one in constant increase.

Our BAG IN BOX® products offer a PRACTICAL, INEXPENSIVE AND ECOLOGICAL response to the most requiring professionals.



Although they were first associated with "cheap wines", the BIB® wine systems have now gained popularity among the major appellations and their quality has jumped up.

A proof of that is the increasingly significant importance that they occupy on supermarket shelves and in distributors and vendors stores.

This leads to a significantly large variety of wines.

Besides, by choosing our products, you are not limited to a particular provider or to only certain choices, as would be the case with wine in casks.

We like our customers to feel free to order a new product according to their desires and/or food selections.


Our BIB® supports, towers and draining racks are made of stainless steel and meet the most stringent quality norms. Our products are certified for contact with food and meet the FASFC requirements (Belgium’s Federal Agency for the Safety of Food Chain).

The liability and quality level of our original FLOJET® pumps and original VITOP® connectors is widely recognized.

Many of our customers have now been using them for several years very satisfactorily.

Unlike bottled wine which, once open, tends to oxidize very quickly, the inner bag of the BIB® system was specially designed to avoid oxidation and this gives the wine a significantly longer life span. The wine is not in contact with the outside air and therefore it keeps its original qualities during several months.

Furthermore, most wine bottles are closed with cork stoppers and everyone knows that spoiled wine can be a bad experience resulting from this. Whereas the BAG IN BOX® packaging allows you to never have to worry about this problem.


With a starting price of 269 € for a complete kit (including 1 non-refrigerated unit), our systems offer you the best quality/price ratio.  

All of our products are original products and made of superior quality. We continuously negotiate the best deals with our providers and manufacturers in order to offer our customers the most optimal conditions for our different systems with highly attractive prices.

The BAG IN BOX® wine packaging is an inexpensive solution; this is why it has become so popular among winemakers and vendors. Its volume can go up to 10 litres with a reduced packaging weight, therefore resulting in lower freight costs than with wine bottles.

Compared to wine in casks, the costs are also lower because there is no empty-container recuperation fee.

Besides, you can also forget about the heavy and cumbersome nitrogen bottle as well as the gas and empty bottle costs that often go with it.


Once the BAG IN BOX® is empty, it is extremely easy to tap a new one in less than 10 seconds. How long would it take you to open 13 bottles of wine?

Our BAG IN BOX® is light and compact, it can be placed either under the counter, or in a cellar or basement; it only requires an outlet.  

The space saving compared to using casks and nitrogen bottles is absolutely obvious.

With its recyclable cardboard outer packaging, its light weight, its lack of empty-bottle recuperation and no need to clean after use (unlike consigned casks and bottles), the BAG IN BOX® offers one of the friendliest carbon footprints.

  • Made in Belgium

  • Tailor-made service

  • Fast delivery

  • Secure payment

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